The Village Green is now open for use to accommodate anyone who would like to host a private or public function on the Green. If you are interested in renting the space please review our Village Green Use Policy & Permit Application. An officer of the Village Green Board will contact you to discuss a contract.

Village Green General Rules
Carry It In – Carry It Out
Please leave the Village Green neater and cleaner than you found it.

No driving or parking on the Village Green is allowed without an approved Use Permit.

No grilling or other food preparation equipment or tents/shelters may be set up without a Use Permit.

No digging; cutting or breaking foliage; movement or misuse of benches, displays, or the performance platform; or otherwise causing damage to the Village Green premises are permitted.

Pets are welcome, but owners must clean up after them. Please keep pets out of flowerbeds.

Activities should be conducted so as to preserve the peace and quiet of the area and quality of life of nearby residents and property owners.

About the Village Green

The Village Green is an open area space within the community where residents can gather and enjoy the beauty of the St. Lawrence River and Cape Vincent. The Green is available all year round, offering an event space for the four seasons.

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